Christians believe that we are called to live in a way that worships God.  Worship helps us to recognise who God really is and opens our hearts to what is good. Worship helps us to have direction and place our lives, our stories within God's story

Worship at St Katharine's

Sunday Worship at St Katharine's

Christians believe it is important to gather together as the family of God to worship on Sundays and also on other days of the week. At St Katharine's, we love to gather together on a Sunday morning in our beautiful church which has been at the heart of our community for many years.  When we do, we celebrate all that God is and all God has done for us. We give thanks that we are part of God’s family, loved, accepted and safe in God’s care.  We sing hymns, read the Bible and listen to a sermon or talk. We share communion at God’s table.  We pray for ourselves, for those we love and for the needs of the world.  However worship and prayer carries on as we leave the building and go back out into the world.  


The church building is now open for Sunday services, but you can still worship at home on a Sunday at 1030 online with our friends at St Barnabas on the Stroud Road. Visit our Facebook Page to get connected.  

Our Sunday morning services in the church building begin at 1000 and alternate between Holy Communion and Morning Prayer.   All ages are welcome.

Open Church and Churchyard

In more usual times the church building is open in the day to provide a quiet space away from the busy world to pray or to just find some peace.   The church is closed at the moment because of Covid 19 restrictions but the churchyard remains open to all.  Please observe social distancing and government guidelines when visiting. 

Digital Worship, Prayer and Fellowship

Visit our Facebook Page for digital worship, prayer and other resources to keep us touch 24/7.  Did you know that you can ask Alexa to help you pray and explore faith?  Click on the video to find out more!